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New AI Technology Forces E-Mobility Service Providers To Action

Experts predict that hundreds of charging service providers face a market shakeout in the coming years. The reason for this consolidation is a highly competitive market and the rapid advancement of necessary technologies through artificial intelligence. Many providers are not properly positioned to adapt to these changes.


"With AI, providers are already able to meet the needs of EV users much better than before and, most importantly, proactively," explains Christopher Burgahn, founder and CEO of AI developer fronyx in Essen.


The company specializes in helping providers of electric vehicle charging services significantly improve their products quickly through generative AI technologies and a plug-and-play approach—thereby substantially increasing their chances of surviving the upcoming market consolidation. Clients include automakers, charging power suppliers, and other so-called eMobility Service Providers (eMSPs).


The market potential associated with AI in general, and generative AI in particular, for achieving mobility goals has long been recognized by the capital market. In early May 2024, Next Mobility Labs, a well-connected venture studio in the industry, announced an investment in fronyx. Dirk Wollschläger, Labs partner and advisor, stated: "Fronyx aims to redefine the standards in electromobility with its groundbreaking, partly generative AI technologies. These are exactly the kinds of innovators we seek and need."


CEO Christopher Burgahn on the collaboration: "We look forward to expanded access to expertise, Next Mobility Labs' network, and their experience in building profitable companies. This will give a significant boost to our market success."